When it comes to managing the party, music and emcee, we have you covered!  For all other things wedding related, there are some great websites that can walk you through the process so you don't make the big mistakes.  We suggest or as two great starting points.




The Bride and Groom remove their shoes stand, sit back to back in the middle of the dance floor, then trade one shoe. You just got married, but how well do you really know each other, let’s find out. This is always good for a few laughs and draws the guests in. How many matches can we get:

Who spends the most time getting ready in the bathroom?
Who spends the most time on the couch?
Who is in control of the remote control?
Who has the smelliest feet?
Who is more likely to pass gas in public and blame the other person?
Who will control the checkbook?
When you were dating, who made the first move?
Who snores the loudest?
Who wears the pants in the family?

CAR WASH (Rose Royce)

This is a fun dance at weddings, especially if you like Disco. The ladies are the car wash. All of the ladies form two lines on the dance floor and face each other, arms out in front. All of the guys form a line and proceed through the line of the ladies. The guys are the cars going through the car wash. This dance is a lot of fun, especially if you like Disco and Funk music. If all the guys dance their way through the car wash, they can go around and start back through the line once again, and so on.


Do you want to recognize all of the married couples at your reception. The Anniversary or Generations dance is a great way to do this. We always like to build the dance floor, not tear it down. We always start with the newlyweds and work our way up. 1-5 years first, 5-10 years next… and so on. Once at 5 years we dismiss the couples by increments of 5 years. When we reach the longest married couple then we recognize the longest married couple by asking them to offer the bride and groom some advice for their marriage. Then, play something like “At Last” by Etta James, or “Could I Have This Dance?” and invite the bride and groom to dance with the longest married couple, about half way through the song we invite everyone else to join in. This is a great way to commemorate all of the married couples.


During the tail end of dinner your DJ Calls out names of a few couples that the bride & groom has provided to the DJ. Then we make the couple kiss and bride & groom has to copy the same kiss. Very cute game!


The bride is blindfolded and placed in front of several men seated in chairs. She must choose which one is her husband by only touching their faces.


To release tables or just throughout the wedding we will be calling out questions that the bride & groom has provided us about their life & whoever answers the questions first , their table will be released for dinner first or possible get a prize or win centerpiece!


There are many versions of games involving table centerpieces. Have one guest at each table pull out a dollar, and the guests at the table pass around the dollar while there is music playing. When the music stops, whoever is holding the dollar wins the centerpiece. For a touch of class, collect the money and let the flower girl and ring bearer split it.


Using the bridal party and a few rolls of toilet paper, Who can make the best wedding dress!


Adult Scavenger Hunt Contestants sit in 10+ chairs in one line facing the audience. They have to find one item at a time. Everyone is looking for the same item at the same time, ie: a Pen, a Flower, a new Quarter… you get the idea. Each time they find an item they return to sit in any open chair. They must return each item from whom or where they found it before they get the next item, removing 1-2 chairs each time. The fewer the chairs the more difficult or rare the item you should ask for.


You have other games or ideas?  We can incorporate just about anything to make your reception a fun and engaging time.

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